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Heli-Ski US operator members recently met at the beautiful Gunnison River Farms resort outside Delta, Colorado for the association’s annual meeting. Telluride Heli-Trax’s owner Todd Herrick hosted the gathering along with the welcoming hospitality of the resort’s staff.
This past winter thousands of skiers and snowboarders experienced some of the best days of their lives via their time spent with one of the eight member operations of the HSUS. These guests carved turns through untracked powder while soaring around stunning mountain ranges in a helicopter – a memorable experience highlighted by the guaranteed professionalism of a HSUS sanctioned heli-ski operation.
The intimate and secluded setting along the Gunnison River allowed for a productive meeting as the members worked through a lengthy agenda over the course of two days. As usual, at the top of the list was the organization’s goal of continuing to establish and maintain the highest standards of heli-skiing operating protocols and procedures. HSUS indeed sets the gold standard for helicopter skiing in the United States.
Also of importance at the meeting was recognizing the unparalleled efforts of longtime HSUS president Joe Royer (Ruby Mountain Heli Skiing), who after years of dedication and service to the organization and the industry is stepping down from that position. Joe will continue to be a vital member of the association. Members will now rotate regularly through the officer positions at HSUS.
Current HSUS Officer’s
  • President: Paul Butler (North Cascade Heli)
  • Vice-president: Joseph Shults (Telluride HeliTrax)
  • Secretary: Kevin Quinn (Points North Heli)
  • Treasurer: Jon Shick (High Mountain Heli-Skiing)
Joe Royer will assume the position as Director of the Review Committee.
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