Mechanized Guide School for Aspirational Heli-Ski Guides

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Heli-Ski U.S. Offers a Mechanized Guide School for Aspirational Heli-Ski Guides

December 22, 2017- Heli-Ski U.S. Association (HSUS) is a nonprofit corporation whose members represent the very best helicopter skiing and snowboarding operations and guides in the United States. For the fourth straight season, HSUS is offering a Mechanized Guide Schools for those interested in becoming a certified heli-ski guide.

The school is a two-week course where participants get to experience multiple HSUS operations, North Cascade Heli in Washington and Points North Heli-Adventures in Alaska. The first week is January 21 through 27, 2018 at North Cascade Heli and the second week is March 3 through 10, 2018 at Points North. The course has a limit of eight students which ensures the best learning environment. Students will leave the course with a Heli-Ski U.S. Level 1 Certification and a basic understanding of top down mechanized ski guiding.

“These is a one of a kind course designed to give aspirational heli-ski guides the opportunity to learn from some of the very best guides and operations in the industry,” says Kevin Quinn, President of Heli-Ski U.S. “This is the best avenue for guys or girls interested in breaking into the heli-guiding industry to gain knowledge and certification.”

Students will learn about and achieve a thorough understanding of:

  • Guiding responsibilities and duties
  • Responsible client care and relations
  • Base and flight deck operations (including fueling, dispatch, and emergency procedures)
  • The Helicopter (load manifesting, working around the aircraft, staging, time management in the field)
  • Heavy emphasis on field operations (top down guiding, hazard management, client management, snowpack evaluation)
  • High angle rescue and advanced rescue techniques

Those interested in joining 2018’s Mechanized Guides School must hold a current/valid Level 2 snow science certification, current medical certification, and a basic understanding of ropes and rescue techniques. The cost is $6,800 per person and includes all helicopter time, meals, and lodging at North Cascade Heli and Points North Heli-Adventures. For more in-depth details, please contact Kevin Quinn at 907.424.7991.

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Heli-Ski U.S. Association, Inc. is a Utah nonprofit corporation whose members represent the very best helicopter skiing operators in the United States. Our members work cooperatively to help establish the highest safety and operating standards in the helicopter skiing industry. Our mission is to ensure and protect the future of Helicopter Skiing in the United States through safety, education, marketing, and influence. Learn more at
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