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Heli-Ski U.S. Offers a Mechanized Guide School for Aspirational Heli-Ski Guides

Heli-Ski U.S. Association (HSUS) is a nonprofit corporation whose members represent the very best helicopter skiing and snowboarding operations and guides in the United States. For the fourth straight season, HSUS is offering a Mechanized Guide Schools for those interested in becoming a certified heli-ski guide.

The school is a two-week course where participants get to experience multiple HSUS operations, North Cascade Heli in Washington and Points North Heli-Adventures in Alaska. The first week is January 21 through 27, 2018 at North Cascade Heli and the second week is March 3 through 10, 2018 at Points North. The course has a limit of eight students which ensures the best learning environment. Students will leave the course with a Heli-Ski U.S. Level 1 Certification and a basic understanding of top down mechanized ski guiding.

“These is a one of a kind course designed to give aspirational heli-ski guides the opportunity to learn from some of the very best guides and operations in the industry,” says Kevin Quinn, President of Heli-Ski U.S. “This is the best avenue for guys or girls interested in breaking into the heli-guiding industry to gain knowledge and certification.”

Students will learn about and achieve a thorough understanding of:

  • Guiding responsibilities and duties
  • Responsible client care and relations
  • Base and flight deck operations (including fueling, dispatch, and emergency procedures)
  • The Helicopter (load manifesting, working around the aircraft, staging, time management in the field)
  • Heavy emphasis on field operations (top down guiding, hazard management, client management, snowpack evaluation)
  • High angle rescue and advanced rescue techniques

Those interested in joining 2018’s Mechanized Guides School must hold a current/valid Level 2 snow science certification, current medical certification, and a basic understanding of ropes and rescue techniques. The cost is $6,800 per person and includes all helicopter time, meals, and lodging at North Cascade Heli and Points North Heli-Adventures. For more in-depth details, please contact Kevin Quinn at 907.424.7991.

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