Interested in becoming an Associate Member of Heli-Ski U.S. Association?

Associate Membership in HSUS is open to businesses and individuals that do business in fields allied to helicopter skiing. For example, Associate Membership is open to helicopter pilots, aviation companies, ski industry hard good and soft good manufacturers, insurers, providers of lodging and food, travel agents, airlines, fuel suppliers, etc. Interested parties should download and review the following two PDF files. (If you are looking to become a certified member operator, please see our prospective member page.)

Current Associate Members

Associate members are those that offer a number of items available to the consumer, HSUS members, Prospective members and Guides alike. These Associate members take great pride in their products and we encourage you to look into all of the links provided below for additional information on each of them.



The Wary AvivestThe Wary uses compressed air to inflate an airbag and “float” the avalanche victim to the surface of the snow slide where they can be easily found and rescued by companions.


Backcountry Access (BCA)

Backcountry AccessBackcountry Access (BCA) is a leading manufacturer of snow safety equipment, including Tracker beacons, shovels, probes, Stash packs, and Float avalanche airbags. Points North exclusively uses Trackers because they’re the fastest and easiest beacons to use. And they’re incredibly durable. We like BCA not just for their products, but because they’re dedicated to the bigger picture: educating people and saving lives.


Caledonian Insurance Group, Inc.

Caledonian Insurance Group, Inc.CIG’s aviation insurance brokerage and risk management consultants identify and deliver the right products to protect businesses worldwide. Detecting potential hazards and taking steps to remove or manage complex risks, ensures that the clients never need to worry about these challenges today, or tomorrow.


Columbia Sportswear

ColumbiaWe enjoy the outdoors as much as you do, which means we know what you need. We know that being cold and wet is no fun. Blue eyes may be sexy, but blue lips aren’t. And, while a sunny day is excellent, sunburn sucks. That’s why we make high-quality performance products that keep you comfortable and protected, no matter where your excursions take you.
Pro Purchase Info


Expedition Broker / Greg SchlachterExpedition Brokers

Alaska’s premier adventure travel agency specializing in heli, cat and fixed wing access skiing and snowboarding. Based in Haines, Alaska, our first hand, local knowledge helps us plan your ultimate adventure at no cost to you!


Hacksaw Publishing, Inc.

Hacksaw PublishingHacksaw Publishing, published and distributes the: Professional Snow Data Field Book and the Backcountry Field Card. The field book is used by snow-avalanche safety professionals and backcountry guides. The field card is a useful tool for avalanche educators/students, backcountry newbie’s and even professional guides. Hacksaw Publishing also carries other snow/avalanche related products (Ortovox Checkandride and A3 SWAG book) and is starting to expand its product lines.



LekiLEKI is the world’s leading manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Nordic Walking poles. For over 60 years, outdoor enthusiasts have appreciated the quality, value and technology that goes into each and every one of our products.



OrtovoxFor 28 years Ortovox has been setting trends and standards in mountain ranges world wide with its revolutionary avalanche transceivers and innovative safety products.


Vertical Aviation

Vertical AviationVertical Aviation is located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona west of the Scottsdale Airport (SDL), in the Airpark. Since 1980, we have established a reputation of excellence in Helicopter Services, including Sales, Acquisitions, Charter, Management and Maintenance. With our history of performance to back us up, Vertical Aviation is confident in our ability to meet or exceed our client’s expectations every time. To ensure our performance we are committed to listening, being responsive, and doing everything in our power to provide the best service and support in the aviation industry. We offer comprehensive services to fulfill your needs, and if we cannot satisfy your requirement immediately, we will exhaust every resource at our disposal until we do.


Sattler Insurance

Sattler InsuranceJim Sattler and Sattler Insurance Agency has been committed to the Outfitter and Guide Insurance Industry since 1979. We have worked hard each year to continue to provide tailor-made insurance coverages for your business as well as to support the outfitting industry.


Worldwide Outfitter & Guides Association

Worldwide Outfitter & Guides AssociationThe Worldwide Outfitter & Guides Association (“WOGA”) is a non-profit industry association of professional outfitters and guides that provides individual members with access to liability insurance through the association. WOGA provides a solution for insurance needs.

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