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Want to become a Prospective Member of Heli Ski US?

 Please look over the information below and feel free to ask us any questions you may have.  You must first start with downloading the member invitation letter followed by filling out and submitting the Prospective Member application. Once received, we will get back to you promptly.

Please download and review the following two PDF files.

Current Prospective Members

The following Prospective Members of HSUS are members currently undergoing a two year evaluation and mentorship period striving to meet the highest level of excellence that the current members provide. The Prospective Members will then obtain a voluntary inspection in order to obtain the HSUS stamp of approval and be accepted in HSUS as a full member.

Alaska Powder Descents

Alaska Powder Descents

Alaska Powder Descents is based in Juneau, Alaska nestled between snow-covered peaks along saltwater shores.  Our location is conveniently accessible from Seattle and serves as a gateway to world class terrain in both the Coast and Chilkat Mountains.


SEABA Heli providing a world class Heli ski experience in Haines, Alaska